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Rize Up TV is tell-all family entertainment of what works at the kitchen table of conversation! Rize Up TV brings your favorite home cooked foods and desserts from the kitchen! Old and new ingredients mixed with empathy and love that smells good, taste good, and feel good for the soul.

The Gratitude Journey

This story of thankfulness invites our hearts and minds to be little helpers, filling us with joy and helping us see the good in every situation. Smiling with gratitude calls upon these helpers, creating a magical space in our minds that reveals answers with a positive and appreciative spirit.

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Kindness Cookies

This story tells us that being nice can make our hearts and brains happy and they become our little helpers that show us how to solve problems when things are hard. When we smile, these helpers work together like magic to help us see things in a good and caring way.

The Importance of Respect and Treating Others with Kindness

In a village embraced by nature, Luna’s acts of kindness and respect touched hearts and inspired unity. From welcoming newcomers to guiding lost creatures with care, Luna’s unwavering empathy illuminated the path to a community where respect and kindness flourished, showing all the true beauty of treating others with love and understanding. Luna’s legacy endured, reminding generations that in respecting one another with kindness, the essence of true strength and happiness is found.

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